Thyroid surgery

Thyroid surgery

Leptir Polyclinic applies modern techniques of the minimally invasive surgery of the thyroid at patients with thyroid disorder. Such technique brings a number of advantages. A surgery lasts shorter. A tissue destruction is smaller. A post-surgery pain is smaller. A hospitalization is shorter. A post-surgery recovery is shorter.

The first step towards surgery are consultations with the specialist, during which the procedure and recovery are discussed, and the date of surgery arranged. Also, patient receives written instruction for preoperational procedures.

In the day of the surgery, patient arrives in Polyclinic in the afternoon, and couple of hours later the surgery will be conducted. After settling down, the staff starts with preparations. That includes the whole team, but each member has its own role. Nurses welcome the patient and check on him regularly, surgeon does the final examination, the anaesthesiologist inform on anaesthesia. The next day around noon, patient is released for home recovery in company of an adult.

Are you interested in thyroid surgery?

The minimally invasive surgery of the thyroid in Leptir Polyclinic is done by dr Ante Škaro specialist in otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery.
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