Thyroid examination

We are living quite fast these days. Stress about private and work life, inadequate nutrition and lack of physical activity lead to serious health problems. Early recognition of health difficulties is crucial.

Thyroid examination should be part of preventive examination after the age of 30. Before seeing a specialist please have a blood work and check your hormones (fT3, fT4, TSH). During the examination an ultrasound can be done, as well as fine needle aspiration biopsy in case of existing node. We also offer second opinion about thyroid problems, as well as consultations about thyroid surgery with head and neck surgeon.

In Leptir Polyclinic we are trying to teach each patient about his health condition and encourage them to do more for their health. In this process, important figure is our nutritionist.


Are you interested in thyroid examination?

For thyroid problems we have the whole team, four medical specialists and nutritionist.
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