Skin growths surgery

Firstly, skin growths need to be examined and that is done with dermatoscope. When it comes to skin growths surgery, we use two methods, radiofrequency knife and classic surgery.

Benign growths that are above the skin level can be removed by innovative surgical instrument – radiofrequency knife. It operates based on radio waves, thus the excellent aesthetic effect is achieved under the minimum tissue damage.

Skin growths at the skin level, as well as fatty tissue growths, lipoma, atheroma and similar accumulations are removed surgically. If it is necessary, the sample is sent for pathohistological analysis. After the removal of the skin growth, the wound is treated with stitches that should be removed five to fifteen days after the operation, according to the doctor’s instructions.


Are you interested in skin growths examination and surgery?

The skin growths examination and surgery in Leptir Polyclinic is done by dr Ante Škaro, specialist in otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery.

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