Nutrition has a significant role in improving and maintaining health. It concerns mostly chronic non-communicable diseases, what also includes thyroid and autoimmune diseases. The thyroid disorders results in changes of fat, carbohydrate and proteins metabolism, as well as minerals and vitamins. We offer nutritional counselling as a part of medical examinations, but also as independent service. It considers the assessment of general health status (medical history, blood work), assessment of nutritional status and counselling about food intake and supplementation.

Leptir Polyclinic is one of very few centres in Croatia for Metabolic balance®, worldwide known programme of healthy weight loss with individual approach and adjustment of biochemical and metabolic characteristics of an individual with food chemistry.

Are you interested in nutrition or Metabolic balance®?

Our nutritionist Karmen Matković Melki is responsible in Leptir Polyclinic for nutritional counselling, and supplementation and phyto-medicaments recommendation. She is also certified Metabolic balance® therapist.

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