Hemorrhoidal diseases and proctology

In Leptir Polyclinic hemorrhoidal diseases are treated with minimally invasive surgical treatment (HAL/RAR). Hemorrhoidal diseases are classified in four stages and HAL/RAR method is appropriate for grade II to grade IV symptomatic hemorrhoids.
Before the treatment, a procedure of cleansing is necessary as well as preoperative procedures, what is explained oral and written. In general anaesthesia the hemorrhoidal artery gest ligated under ultrasound control. The patient is released for home recovery the morning after the surgery, and due to less complication patients return to their daily activities in a week. The success is visible at 90% of patients.

Besides hemorroidal diseases, we surgically treat other proctological conditions such as anal fissures, fistula, colon polyps, pilonidal disease, and abdominal hernia.

Are you interested in examination and surgery?

Dr Domagoj Ivanović is specialist in general surgery and subspecialist in abdominal surgery. In Leptir Polyclinic he examines and conducts surgeries in the field of abdominal surgery, as well as minimally invasive treatment of hemorrhoidal diseases (HAL/RAR).
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