Danijela Radanović Šukinternal medicine specialist

  • Thyroid
  • Internal medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Faculty of Medicine in Osijek, Croatia


Doctor Danijela Radanović Šuk has ten years of medical experience. She specializes in internal medicine. Her fields of special interests are cardiovascular diseases and the thyroid gland.

She is a member of the Croatian Medical Association and the Croatian Medical Chamber. She had attended several domestic and international symposiums, conferences and scientific and professional meetings in the field of internal medicine.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in Osijek, Croatia in 1980
  • Graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek
  • A third year student of Postgraduate Doctoral Study of Biomedicine and Health at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek
  • Internship was completed at the University Hospital Centre Osijek
  • Worked at Family Medicine Practices and at the ER in Osijek and Vinkovci
  • Certification exam in internal medicine in 2012
  • Worked as an internal medicine specialist in the Vukovar General Hospital until July 2016
  • Started working in the Zagreb Polyclinic as an internal medicine specialist and as a consultant of occupational medicine and sports medicine in September 2016
  • Since November 2017 she has been working in Polyclinic Leptir
  • Completed the Postgraduate Course in Abdominal Ultrasound in 2011 and the Neck and Thyroid Ultrasound Course in 2016, while the education of Heart Ultrasound is still ongoing
  • Speaks English language

Dr. Deškin is a subspecialist of endocrinology with diabetology. Endocrinological examination by a subspecialist includes diagnostics and treatment of disorders and diseases of endocrinological system: pancreas, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland and sex glands.

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Dr. Deškin has fifteen years of experience in diabetes treatment along with insulin, incretin and peroral therapy. Diabetological examination by a subspecialist aims at regulating the type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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Internal medicine

Dr. Deškin has fifteen years of experience in the field of internal medicine. The internist examination includes taking of medical history, both individual and family, and physical internist examination. Diagnostics and treatment of internist heart, kidneys, lungs diseases, increased blood pressure and pre-surgery internist examinations.

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I had problems with hemorrhoids for four years. After been examined by Dr. Ivanović, a HAL-RAR procedure had been arranged. The operation was successful and I was sent home the next morning. The recovery lasted ten days. Now, six weeks after the procedure, I had a checkup and everything is all right. I’d like to thank the entire staff, especially Dr. Ivanović, on professional and pleasant approach.

Filip Jović

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